Monday, 16 February 2009


It was over a week ago now but POWWOW finally kicked back into gear with a rather pleasing cough and a splutter at one of Manchester's finest live establishments-RETRO BAR.To be honest i was somewhat worried that the freezing temperatures would deter anyone from coming....but we were pleasantly surprised at the size of the "crowd"! with the highly anticipated live debut of Egyptian Hip Hop scuppered due to ,well be honest lack of material,COPYCATS stepped in.

From the initial noisy experimental beginnings on myspace , my ears immediatly pricked up with excitement maybe a good 2 years ago now...i'd initially heard nothng like it from a Manchester collective before.It was rough around the edges,ear crushing at times but ultimatley it was the sound of the ANTI- New Rave shit that i admit i'd been drawn in too at the time.They brought the noise back in to my life and amongst the blips, bleeps,guitars and ghostly chimes they have great tunes."Fox" gets me everytime....great song!Brilliant live!...Alex throws some moves on stage that puts many a conventional indie band to shame.They may not be everyones cup of tea,but theirs no denying the wealth of ideas that these guys throw at you on record will soon draw people in, if people dare to listen more than once that is....listen and learn people!....oh and did i say...i had a dream once that they had a drummer!..i think it was me!

Next on then were RIOT OF THE ill be honest,we at POWWOW RECORDS love this band...I think I've seen every gig they've played.And every gig has been memorable.They have bounds of energy and have got better and better with every gig!..they get on with it,the guitars do the talking for sure,but the bass keeps your feet on the ground reminding you its real ,while the beats are old skool enough to remind you this is ROTCs unique,raw, tuneful sound,with Cal another frontman with heaps to say and with acres of musical knowledge and direction.Past projects for Cal have included previous bands who've play at POWWOW,-the sublime and unique iDresden ,aswell as the sadly missed MR FANG.
Check them out them for a gig..
I didnt catch all of RotCs set as i had to head off to do a spot of try and pull some of those happy go lucky Cribs fans over the road at the Ritz in to our sordid little den....this is my favourite part of POWWOW.honest!!...
.....anyway we'll have more to say about ROTC in the future i promise you!
Back at Retro Bar....after receiveing the usual -dont talk to me ive got the social skills of one of The View- for 20 minutes standing in a scrum of sweaty floppy fringes at the Ritz!

CITYLIGHTS next have the tunes to whip any Ritz throng into a dancing mess,but here in Retro Bar they have to make do -with a crowd of up for it girls!dont knock it i say!...
Every Citylights song has a hook and tune that makes you want to dance.James on drums manicly controlling the beats while with a simple wisp of ease turning out the citylights recognisable synth noises.Ben twisting and giving it some with his usual bass moves and Joe on vocals most noticably making you listen to every word that comes out of his mouth,as you hold your pint in one hand and try and control your hips as they swing with every choppy guitar sound...

ah.........great night!